Our Clients



"We've gained tremendous value from our association the Rohner & Associates team.  Our multi-year experience with R & A has provided us with exceptional insights, actions and results from their thought leadership, case building analytics, implementation guidance and advice. Their intellectual property is and has played an important role in educating and informing our entire organization. We rely on them because their depth of knowledge and experience is unique.

By following R&A's prescription for balancing our portfolio of partners, stepping up our channel marketing focus, and strengthening our channel sales organization, we have been able to grow our channel business at a much faster rate than our competitors."

Leonard Iventosch
Vice President, Worldwide Channels
North America HQ

“SonicWALL was able to gain insight into our total business by studying the channel dimension so intently. We now have a very clear multi-functional game plan in front of us – complete with quantifiable expectations - to help us succeed with our channel strategy.”

Steve Franzese  
Sr. Vice President, Marketing  

"Thanks for your help. Your team helped put things in perspective for all of us, as well as giving us additional things to think about"

Doug Dennerline  
Senior Vice President, ECFSO  
Cisco Systems, Inc.  

“We engaged Rohner & Associates to provide channel-based education to our worldwide product management team. They demonstrated excellent market knowledge and understanding, as well as an ability to translate this knowledge into practical “learnings” and actionable recommendations. The Rohner group developed and delivered a training course for product managers that educates them on how best to take advantage of the opportunity to make the channel successful selling their products. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the actions have been lasting for the 300+ attendees.”

Jim Lee  
Senior Director, WW Product Marketing  
Sun Microsystems, Inc.  

“I have had the benefit of working with Rohner & Associates on multiple occasions in multiple companies. Although I have worked with other channel consultants, I have not seen the depth and breadth of channel knowledge and expertise that is present in the Rohner organization. When it comes to Channel strategy, architecture and behavioral dynamics, there is really no equal to this team. They are always my first choice.”

Desa Zraick  
Director, Global Channel Programs & Operations  
Seagate Technology  


"While building a channel with unique requirements, Rohner & Associates has been able to assist us with all facets of the project. Because of their involvement in defining the channel, building our internal infrastructure, and recruiting the channel portfolio, our efforts have been significantly accelerated."

Chris Hogan 
Senior Vice President 
Chili!Soft, Inc 

"Integrating new business units is always culturally and functionally difficult, but it can be even more painful with legacy policies and a broad mix of channels. The R&A team defined and effectively delivered an architecture that provided clarity and direction that fostered cross-functional understanding and consensus for action."

Mike Dionne 
Senior Vice President 
Remedy Corporation 

"I've teamed up with Rohner & Associates in the past to revamp the channels strategy at a major enterprise software company and today in my role as Senior Partner with Internet Capital Group. They have provided immediate benefit to two of our portfolio companies with an in depth assessment of their go to market strategies. Not only did our companies realize the benefit of their broad range of channel experience, but also they now have greater confidence in their plans and their ability to react to change. I believe this will result, potentially, into a higher market valuation."

Mike Forester 
Senior Partner 
Internet Capital Group 

"R&A had the expertise to quickly come up to speed on our issues, and work with our team to address pressing channel and customer issues in our services pricing strategy. The result has been a number of immediately implementable solutions, and a strategic framework for a value-based pricing model for Cisco's services."

Clayton Reed 
Area Vice President, U.S. Sales 
Cisco Systems, Inc. 

"The fact that Sun's channel architecture is widely admired today has a great deal to do with Ron Rohner and his team."

Neil Knox 
Vice President & General Manager of Network Systems 
Sun Microsystems, Inc. 

"Our channels represent a major competitive advantage for Sun and Rohner & Associates has been creative in helping us keep them that way."

Dick Bowman 
Senior Vice President 
Sun Microsystems, Inc.