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Founded in 1994 and beginning with such initial clients as Sun, Cisco and Sybase, R&A is perhaps the most established continuously operating channel consultancy in Silicon Valley.

What's Unique About Rohner & Associates
More than any other consultancy, Rohner & Associates combines depth of experience, intellectual property and clarity of focus on channels.

Hands on experience is our hallmark. All of the Rohner & Associates partners have invested a significant portion of their careers in the business of channels and in Channel Portfolio Optimization, and have performed successfully in channel-related positions with small companies and large, from startups to the Fortune 100.

Channel through leadership and channel IP development is core to our business. Rohner & Associates continually adds to its asset base of intellectual property by integrating the knowledge and experience gained from each successive engagement into proprietary tools and processes. These tools and processes enable Rohner & Associates to quickly and effectively apply its knowledge base to the needs of current clients.

Rohner & Associates does channels and nothing but channels. . . Channel Portfolio Optimization (CPO), channel strategy, channel architecture, channel development, channel communications. . . direct channels, indirect channels, channel dynamics, channel simulations, channels of influence. . . channel context, channel frameworks, channel economics, channel worthiness, channel readiness.

As a result of their experience, knowledge and focus on the business of channels, the partners at Rohner & Associates address client needs with skill and confidence, and deliver real time, real world, measurable results.